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ProAction Carpet Care has many years of experience successfully removing a variety of stains such is: food, beverages, blood, urine, vomit, paint, water marks, grease, make up, nail polish and more. Varieties of different techniques are employed to assure the customers satisfaction.


We use latest technology Sub-Surface Spot Lifter-Water Claw. The basic rule of Sub-Surface spot removal is: any contaminants in carpet and/or pad that can be suspended in a liquid can be extracted out with the Water Claw.

Whatever amount of water is introduced to the carpet and pad after limited dwell time can be quickly drawn back out again with the Water Claw and will typically dry out completely overnight.

The Water Claw Sub –Surface Spot Lifter literally flushes contaminants from carpet face fibers, backing and pad. Amazing results can be achieved on a variety of spotting problems when combined with the professional technician’s knowledge of spotting solutions and techniques.


We can successfully remove pet stains and control the odor. In some cases of heavy saturation we may recommend cleaning and deodorizations of both sides of the carpet and discard and replace the underlay.
It is important to know that a successful stain removal is depending on the fiber characteristics, the type of stain, time elapsed and previous treatments. Therefore some stains may not be removed completely. In some cases further treatment may be required.
Accurate evaluation will be given to the customer prior to every cleaning.




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