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ECOgent2 is certified under Environment Canada’s Environmental ChoiceM Program Certification Criteria PRC-097 as a “Cleaning Product With Low Potential For Environmental Illness and Endocrine Disruption”. It is also certified under the Envirodesic™ Certification Program for Maximum Indoor Air Quality™ and for use by environmentally hypersensitive individuals. These are both independent validations of ECOgent2’s environmental compatibility and suitability for use around individuals with chemical sensitivities.

Cleaning Without Harming
We all know that the world has to change directions if we are going to reverse the trend towards ecological damage and deterioration of human health. Now there is a significant new opportunity to shift course again -
the bar has been raised on carpet cleaners. The result is cleaner indoor air, lower health risks for building occupants and staff, fewer liabilities, less energy use (with cold water) and far less environmental impact for aquatic life.

Environmental ChoiceM: PRC-097
Environment Canada’s new Environmental ChoiceM Criteria (PRC-097)"Cleaning Products with Low Potential for Environmental Illness and Endocrine Disruption" recognizes the need to reduce pollution from cleaning surfactants that enter our aquatic environment. It requires that certified cleaners avoid ingredients that are derived from or manufactured from ethylene oxide, a known carcinogen. It also requires that there be no phosphates, NTA, EDTA, APEO’s, bio-accumulants and other carcinogens. PRC-097 also acknowledges in concrete terms the need to produce cleaners that are acceptable for use by hypersensitive individuals.

The New Route: Sustainable Surfactants
Most carpet cleaners are still using non-ionic surfactants derived from or manufactured with ethylene oxide. Some non-ionic surfactants can adversely affect the reproductive systems of fish and other aquatic wildlife. And they often do not biodegrade readily under the anaerobic conditions found in parts of our waterways. Fortunately, there are now new surfactants which are more sustainable — produced from renewable resources and they biodegrade readily without toxic effects or by-products.

The Innovation:
ECOgent Carpet Cleaner
ECOgent Carpet Cleaner is the only carpet cleaner presently meeting PRC-097 criteria. It embodies all the right principles — renewable, low toxicity, low volatility, and readily biodegradable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It has been acclaimed even by chemically sensitive users, and can be used in cold water.

With ECOgent Carpet Cleaner your carpets look freshly cleaned every time you vacuum, even after months of traffic!





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