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Consumer's Guide - part 1
Carpet Cleaning Methods:
Dry Cleaning
This is probably the most improperly used term in the carpet cleaning industry. Advertisers use the addition DRY to their cleaning just to get more response. The real dry cleaning should be done with a vacuum. Of course it will not be possible to clean any oily or greasy residue just by vacuuming. It needs to introduce a solution of some sort to release the stain and carry it away.
Low moisture Cleaning
This type of cleaning is usually performed in one of a few ways: Shampooing, Encapsulation, Bonnet or Pad cleaning. These terms mostly apply  to the machines and equipment used and to the chemicals themselves.
The low moisture method was developed mostly for commercial establishments where there is short fiber carpet.
The machines used for any of these methods are basically scrubbing the upper level of the carpet. In some case the soil removal is done by dry vacuum, in other case cotton like or micro fiber pads are used to capture the dirt.
Hot water extraction Steam Cleaning
This well known method is still the most widely used and also recommended from carpet manufacturers.
After preconditioning the carpet the detergents are rinsed with hot water and extracted from the carpet.
To a large degree the effectiveness of this method is depends on the skills of the cleaner. Your carpet can easily get soaked or damaged if done by an inexperienced and untrained technician.
 Restorative Cleaning
These days just a small number of companies can offer you a restorative cleaning. It is basically another version of steam cleaning. And it uses the same truck mount or portable equipment. The difference is that your carpet is powerfully machine preconditioned by scrubbing and injecting detergent at the same time.
After preconditioning the carpet is rinsed and all of the cleaning solution, water and dirt are extracted. The preconditioning may be done by using a brush or bonnet. There is no better way to deep clean a typical heavy soiled and rarely maintained carpet than this.
So after we know the basics of the cleaning methods, how do we choose the right one?
The question you need to ask your cleaning technician is what method he/she would recommend in your particular case. If the company you are going to hire to clean your carpets or furniture provides only one super duper efficient and most powerful cleaning method you should think twice or even better hire someone else.
A good cleaning company with experienced and trained personnel should be able to provide more than one cleaning method for their customers.




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